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The name "COSMIZE" is a combination of Cosmos and Customize, where everybody can create and customize their own cosmic imagination. This platform allows for creating community activities, events, quests, and more possibilities in the future. It is a place for making imagination become reality, to embrace the spirit of decentralization through community-driven activities.
COSMIZE runs on top of Astar blockchain, a multi-chain smart contract platform that supports multiple blockchains and VMs.
In the future, COSMIZE aims to create an interoperable metaverse ecosystem.

Our Mission

COSMIZE aims to create an environment where people can express themselves in virtual space without any restrictions. In the future, we aim to build various experiences where people can live in COSMIZE, connect with others, and create their own community as if they are living in a second real world.
In addition to serving as a metaverse platform for users to interact with each other, COSMIZE will be closely integrated with the decentralized philosophy. Helping community, IPs owners, talented individuals; artists, designers, musicians, and others to bring their masterpieces into the world of COSMIZE.

Our Vision

"A place for connecting your passion" This is the vision of COSMIZE. COSMIZE's sub-keyword is "Express yourself whatever you want to be". This means that everyone is free to express themselves. Expressed yourself with your own avatar or Room and Items We aim to create a place where you can express yourself as you are, find friends with the same ideas, hobbies, and aspirations, and connect with new people and friends!