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You can own your ROOM by owning The Access Key NFTs. In ROOM, you can display the NFTs you have collected and invite your friends. We also offer exclusive benefits to the holder, such as future collaborations with Airdrop.

NFT Sale

In September 2022, we kicked off our first NFT sales to release "The COSMIZE Bracelet" as an access key to enter your own personal ROOM.

How to get ROOM NFT?

You can buy it at ToFuNFT in the Second Marketplace👇

Hydro ROOM (Standard size | Rare)

This is a ROOM that has Hydro-energy components as the basic material. The hydro room has furniture in bright blue-white colors.

Solar ROOM( Bigger size | Epic)

This is a ROOM that has a solar component – electricity as the basic energy resource. The solar room has furniture with bright colors and many solar panels.

Fusion ROOM (Biggest size | Legendary)

This is a ROOM that has a Nuclear-Fusion Commercial Reactor component as the basic material, with Nuclear Fusion energy of course it can accommodate more energy and space. Fusion ROOM has a design and furniture – furniture with gold - black and a touch of white.