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COSMIZE World view

There several places to enjoy in COSMIZE!!
In our current MVP, we developed the COSMIZE Main Hall as the main feature to facilitate users + communities to do events such as AMA and virtual gatherings. The multiplayer system that we have researched for years before metaverse became hype is truly a blessing for all of us who is having more than 8 years of experience in the XR industry. We have successfully conducted a stress test with more than 100 avatars coming to the main hall, both from application-based access and web-based access.
The main hall will be the highlight of our MVP features beside ROOM. We want to make it fun with various collaborations with other protocols such as NFTs, DeFi, and others to hold AMA in our own avatars. The collaboration with famous IPs and talented individuals also become more and more interesting in the future while our dev team keeps perfecting the features and releasing more. We are very thrilled to welcome endless possibilities in the future!


COSMIZE's ROOM is located in a building on Sky City. Here, COSMO Bracelet(NFT) holders can display the NFTs they have passionately collected in the past and invite their friends to the ROOM to chat and play games. Users can display the NFTs they have collected and created with their own creativity, and decorate them with rare and default furniture such as COSMIZE NFT Collaboration to create their own unique space in the Metaverse. They can also invite their friends to the ROOM to chat and play games. After playing hard outside in Sky City or the Event Hall, relax and unwind in ROOM!

Sky City

Sky City is the center of the COSMIZE world. In Sky City, users can check event notifications, trade and exchange their credits at the bank (DeFi), and complete daily quests to earn rewards. In addition, COSMIZE's Astar Hub, Event Hall (Special Occasions), and Gallery are also located here. ROOM in a towering building inside Sky City, where bracelet NFT holders live. Sky City itself can be used by users to hold events or to play mini-games such as parkour or treasure hunting. Compared to the Event Hall, this more open location allows for more action-packed games and events.
The gallery is primarily for artists and creators to exhibit their own work and users can buy and sell them. NFT can be displayed and sold, for example. It is like holding a private exhibition. In the real world, you need to be some well-known artists or need a certain amount of funding, but since COSMIZE's gallery is in COSMIZE, you need very little funding to set it up. Display your work and let more people see it!

User creation kit(Future development)

User creation kit is a feature that gives users the opportunity to freely create NFTs and avatars that can be used within COSMIZE. We believe that COSMIZE can be considered a metaverse that runs alongside the community only if we provide a place for users to create their own works, not only those of COSMIZE and COSMIZE collaborators. We are active in this development as well. We very much look forward to the NFT furniture and avatars you create in the future!!

MarketPlace(Future development)

The Marketplace is where users can buy and sell NFT and avatars they have acquired. You can sell your own original creations developed on User Creation Kit here and make a profit. (Of course, you can also purchase works created by other creators.) In the spirit of "expressing yourself - connecting your passion", COSMIZE believes that it is necessary to create a world where creators and artists can be active in the Metaverse.