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Dapp Staking

What is dApp Staking

To build great dApps, developers need financial incentives. That's where dApp staking comes in.
On the Astar Network, dApp staking is how developers who build dApps can get compensated. By providing a basic income, developers can keep building and improving their dApps.
At its core, dApp staking is similar to staking on validators. In this new paradigm, dApp stakers (also known as nominators) can nominate their Astar token on dApps they want to support.
At every block, a portion of the rewards goes to dApp staking. This reward is then divided between developers and nominators. This creates a powerful incentive for developers to build dApps on Astar.
As a dApp grows in popularity, more members of the community nominate the dApp, enabling the developers who built the dApp to receive a greater percentage of the block reward.