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The Futuristic City Breathing in Harmony with Nature
The COSMIZE world is created by the cosmic forces of its people. It is a world that expresses all of your imagination, where you can be whatever you wish and make it into a new reality. This world also represents a decentralized utopian future state. Humans coexist with ultra-high technology and manage the world based on mutually constructive agreements.
In this world, people can create and own unique identities for themselves and their social lives. They are born into the COSMIZE world where the surrounding cosmic energy gathers them into groups of people who have something in common. Their collective contribution becomes a unique contribution to the COSMIZE world as a whole and complements each other.
The technology in this world has advanced to such a degree that it makes it possible to have houses and buildings not only on the ground but also in the sky and deep under the seawater. The universe uses local anti-gravity field technology to create additional islands in the sky. The underwater building and cities are connected by the artificial undersea tunnel. All of these areas can be visited by anyone.
The residents of this world live in apartment complexes that are connected to the outdoors. Their dwellings can be imbued with a unique identity that expresses their character, and they can also travel by common means of transportation as well as sophisticated tablets that allow them to teleport from one area to another over a certain distance (far or near is determined by the tablet's high functionality).

In COSMIZE, life is exquisite.

The COSMIZE community is a group of people who are interested in a new, decentralized economy. The community has formed a new economy based on the energy and contributions of its members. The community is organized according to these contributions and energy levels, which allows members to trade with each other peacefully and in an orderly fashion. This also allows them to organize group gatherings and invite other groups to join them. The government of COSMIZE is governed by a decision-making committee from the COSMIZE community that contributes the most and has the largest group.