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Captains Program


We have created a "Captain Role" so that the core team can work with community members more closely. This role is expected to contribute voluntarily to COSMIZE's activities and promote COSMIZE's products. But of course, this assignment is not mandatory and only those who wish to become a Captain can do so. (We'll screen the candidate's past contribution in the past when selecting)
And of course, since this is not a job, but more like a fun activity, no work is forced upon you, nor are tasks thrown at you every time.
The goal is for everyone to work as they wish in an autonomous manner, and in the process create something good together with the core team.

Captain&Ambassador Badges

There are 3 ranks within the role called Captain Role + 1 role which is called Ambassador. Rank advancement is based on the number of missions completed, which earns points and results in promotion The rewards from COSMIZE vary depending on rank. The speed of promotion depends on the level of contribution and commitment.
Rank: Silver→Gold→Platinum→Ambassador

Benefits(On planning)

  • Get to know the upcoming info earlier
  • Captain Badge(Silver, Gold, Platinum or Ambassador)
  • Can hold events (request to admins)
  • Can make a new channel (request to admins)
  • Meeting access with the COSMIZE internal team
  • NFTs as a prize ※Future possibility
  • WL and role incentives ※Future possibility
  • Get paid based on points ($COZ)
※This benefits are different based on rank