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Core Team


Here's the COSMIZE core team. Most of us come from immersive technology and extended reality (XR) industries. We are united by the spirit of bringing a metaverse platform that goes beyond virtual utilities, we want to bring impact and become the bridge between virtual and real-world utilities.
We have a lot of experience over the years developing and creating immersive applications or platforms, be it Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (XR). The research we've done since 2017 is to create an immersive world that's more easily and democratically accessible. We have done many experiments and iterations dozens of times to make multiplayer and immersive platforms have a good optimization system so that they can be used in all circles, on all devices, and in all infrastructure states

😋Core team simple profile

♤Ace | Founder&CEO

  • XR industry for 7 years as CEO
  • Project Management on several XR Projects
  • Metaverse enthusiast

🚀Rocketman | Co-Founder,COO&Product Ops Commander

  • XR Industry for 8 years as COO
  • Product Management
  • Music explorer
  • Cinematography enthusiast
  • Physicist in heart

💻Catalize | Co-Founder& CTO

  • VR/Game/Systems development for 9 years
  • VR Sports enthusiast (Boxing and rhythm)
  • Technology speakers at several universities
  • Hardcore gamers

🐶Nick | Co-Founder& CMO

  • Growth Manager in one of the largest Japanese & Chinese CtoC companies (5+ years)
  • Run a blog for over 2 years and get 100K views/mon
  • Has nearly 100K followers as a video creator
  • Anime Otaku

🚁Frisk | Co-Founder& CCO

  • Professional 3D Artist for 8 Years
  • NFT Enthusiast
  • Hobbyist music producer
  • Roguelike game addict!

🎧Ray | Co-Founder& The Evangelist

  • Award-winning Marketing Professional
  • Global Decacorn Alumnae
  • Investment Enthusiast
  • Bookworm, avid writer, and storyteller

🎨Tomocci | Lead of Concept Art

  • Has been working as a professional designer for 20 years
  • He worked as a supporting illustrator for the world's most popular Manga
  • Love games and anime

🏕Namirina | Community Manager

  • Experienced Communication Practitioner
  • Skilled in Social Media and Campaign Planning
  • Strong business development
  • Fashion Enthusiast
  • Love to hang out!